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A durable Glass-resin based, fiber bonded roof covering. Virtually maintenance free, it can be finished with a high performance coloured polyester topcoat. Ideal for Flat roofs and Dormers.

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Firestone Rubber Roof1
Firestone Rubber Roof1

GRP Laminate Cover solution for your flat roof

GRP more commonly referred to as “glass fibre” is a well known solution these days for many items, from multi-million pound luxury yachts to your bath tub. GRP is acknowledged to be a strong waterproof material that can withstand a high range of temperatures and environments, making it suitable for all aspects of modern living.
The idea of GRP as a roof material is not new, but the materials we use today have been refined and the resins mixed and selected over the years so that they are ideally suited to roof construction. The result is a product that offers superb performance for roofing, and is ideal in almost any application where you need exclude or contain water.
The roof is formed in situ by reinforcing the polyester resin, on a pliable chop strand mat, being viscous and flexible the roofing material can be worked to meet difficult or exacting shapes, it is hardened with a peroxide based catalyst. Once cured this forms a joint free laminate that will outlast virtually any other traditional roofing material. During application colors can be added so your roof can be matched to existing constructions or stand out from the crowd. GRP roof systems are fast becoming the preferred choice of Architects because of their durability and flexibility. This roofing material continue to perform long after more traditional coatings have failed.

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