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We fit two types of roofing systems Glass Reinforced Plastic and Firestone RubberCover membrane.

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Firestone Rubber Roof1
Firestone Rubber Roof1

Firestone RubberCover for your flat roof

Proven in the USA for more than 40 years - Firestone EPDM Rubber is the world's most used single ply roofing membrane. Over One Billion Square Meters of Firestone EPDM has been successfully installed. Most residential flat roofs are straight-forward rectangles, this means we can install a single sheet of EPDM rubber to cover your roof. Sheet sizes can be up to 15m x 30m long. The installed price of your roof will probably be similar to that of a good quality felt roof and significantly lower than other "newer" systems.

GRP for your roof

GRP more commonly referred to as “glassfibre” this system has been used successfully for over 20-years. The roof is formed in situ by reinforcing polyester resin, which has been cured or hardened with a peroxide based catalyst with an emulsion bound chop strand mat. Once cured this forms a joint free laminate that will outlast virtually any other traditional roofing material. GRP systems are fast becoming the preferred choice of Architects, Specifiers and Local Authorities. This roofing material continue to perform long after more traditional coatings have failed.

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